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raising an honest, gracious and polite child

As a parent, I want to do everything in my power to raise a child that is polite, honest, gracious and appreciative. In order to accomplish this difficult task, I started looking for information to help me get the job done. I found a number of resources that provided me with all kinds of ideas and advice that seemed to be exceptional. My blog is filled with the many tips that I have found and the resources that have helped me through the first four years of raising my son to become the adult that I can be proud of.


3 Sympathy Gift Ideas For Kids

If you know of a child who is mourning the loss of a loved one, you might be thinking about potential sympathy gifts to bring to him or her. Even though it might be simple to buy for adults -- such as by sending flowers to the funeral or bringing a casserole dish or catered meal to the family home -- it can be tough to come up with sympathy gift ideas for children. These are a few options to consider, though.

1. A Stuffed Animal

During this time of grieving, a stuffed animal can be the perfect sympathy gift for a child. Then, he or she will have something to cuddle with while going through this difficult time. Consider looking for a cute, colorful stuffed animal to help brighten a little one's day.

2. Small, Quiet Toys

Even though the child might be grieving, he or she is still a kid. The truth is that funeral services can often come with long wait times that can be quite boring for a child, such as a long funeral ceremony and long visitation periods afterward. Providing the child with small, quiet toys to play with during these long waits can be a good idea; not only can they help keep the little one's mind off of everything that is going on, but they can also help keep him or her quiet and entertained so that the grieving adults can focus on the matter at hand. A Rubik's cube, a small handheld game (that is silent or that makes it easy to turn the volume down), a book of puzzles, a coloring book or another similar item can be a good choice.

3. Healthy, Kid-Friendly Snacks

When many people bring food to the grieving family's home, they often think about meals that can be served to the entire family and to any guests who might stop by. However, many people don't necessarily think about what the kids will like. Making or buying healthy, kid-friendly snacks -- such as cookies that have been baked with healthy ingredients or candy that is sweetened with natural sweeteners -- can be a great way to ensure that the kids are thought about and that they have a little something to munch on.

As you can see, there are a few gift ideas that you can consider when looking for sympathy gifts for kids. Try one or all three of these options to help out a child who is going through a tough time and the loss of a loved one.