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raising an honest, gracious and polite child

As a parent, I want to do everything in my power to raise a child that is polite, honest, gracious and appreciative. In order to accomplish this difficult task, I started looking for information to help me get the job done. I found a number of resources that provided me with all kinds of ideas and advice that seemed to be exceptional. My blog is filled with the many tips that I have found and the resources that have helped me through the first four years of raising my son to become the adult that I can be proud of.


Modern Alternatives To The Wedding Veil

Although the traditional wedding veil still makes an appearance at most weddings, you can find attractive, modern alternatives. Some women just do not like the way that a veil looks on their heads. Some prefer to show off their hairstyle, which probably took hours to achieve. Still others want to fully display the beauty of their dress. Whatever your reason may be to eschew the wedding veil, do not worry. You can find the right headpiece for your ceremony.


Although a headband may sound ordinary, one that is adorned with pearls, crystals, or other embellishments is anything but. Fans of period dramas have seen the major female characters display many gorgeous headbands. They are elegant and give your ensemble a vintage feel. In addition, they draw attention to your face-- arguably the most important aspect of your bridal look. While a veil may tend to overwhelm you, a headband will enhance your appearance. 


You may have toyed with the idea of wearing flowers as your headpiece but worried that it would look awkward. Fortunately, you can wear flowers and look fantastic if you choose carefully. You can have slicked-back hair or full and flowing locks and accent them with a large blossom like a peony or gardenia. Other options include a comb decorated with a few striking flowers. If you want to hearken back to Medieval times, you can choose a flower crown for your big day. Flowers can be bold or subtle, making them a truly versatile choice for your wedding. 


Hats are an elegant and classic choice for your ceremony. You can even opt for a pillbox with a mini veil if you wish. You can be as dramatic or as low-key as you desire. Pick a skull cap or a dramatic Kentucky Derby-esque style. Another advantage of this choice is the freedom from hair worries that it provides. You can dance during your reception and still look perfect. 

The long white veil still has its place in the wedding ceremony and probably always will. However, you do not have to be traditional, particularly if it's just not your style. Feel free to experiment with a variety of headpieces before you decide. Bridal consultants and bridal shop owners will be your greatest resource in this area. Just be certain to speak up and make your desires known. You are the bride, and you should have things your way. Contact a company like Bridal Elegance for more information.