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raising an honest, gracious and polite child

As a parent, I want to do everything in my power to raise a child that is polite, honest, gracious and appreciative. In order to accomplish this difficult task, I started looking for information to help me get the job done. I found a number of resources that provided me with all kinds of ideas and advice that seemed to be exceptional. My blog is filled with the many tips that I have found and the resources that have helped me through the first four years of raising my son to become the adult that I can be proud of.


Three Types Of Lifestyles For Which Cremation Is The Best Fit

Among other factors such as personal preference, religion, and budget, your lifestyle is one of the things that affects which type of funeral arrangement is best for you. To ensure that your wishes are carried out, it's a good idea to write them into your will and also leave money (either in your will or through a life insurance policy) so your surviving family members can afford the type of service you want. But first you need to decide if your lifestyle, personality, and budget fit best with traditional in-ground burial or cremation. Here are three lifestyles that align well with the traits and results of cremation.

1. The traveling lifestyle

If you and your family are globe-trotters, having a grave and headstone in a fixed location doesn't really make logical sense. This is especially true if you don't have a fixed living site; perhaps you're in the military or have some itinerant profession that keeps you from buying a house and settling down. In this type of scenario, your lifestyle doesn't fit with a traditional in-ground burial, but cremation is the perfect solution. Cremation allows your remains to be reduced to about 4-6 pounds of "cremains" that can then be easily transported in an urn or other receptacle or even scattered in various favorite spots around the globe.

2. The eco-friendly lifestyle

The environmentally conscious family may not see cremation as the ideal solution, since it does take a great deal of energy and even releases pollutants into the atmosphere. However, it's a much sounder option than the widespread practice of burying embalming fluid and non-renewable resources (like steel coffins and concrete grave liners) in the ground. Some families opt for "green" burial, but facilities that offer this are not well-regulated and are still relatively few and far between, so cremation may be your best bet. There's also another form of cremation you may be able to find that is known as "liquid cremation" and which uses a strong alkaline solution rather than heat to disintegrate human remains. This is a more eco-friendly process because it doesn't release pollutants into the air.

3. The "spiritual but not religious" lifestyle

Some religions may discourage or prohibit the practice of cremation, so if you're not really religious, you've ducked one of the largest obstacles to choosing cremation. On the other hand, cremation is perfect for people who do have some spiritual leanings, because it allows for so many different meaningful and personalized ways to lay the cremains to rest. For example, you can instruct loved ones to scatter your cremains on the ocean, toss them into the sky from a plane, send them to outer space, or even have jewelry made from them. You can stay with your loved ones forever in the form of a memento or a commemorative, personalized urn; or you can have them spread the cremains outside so you can symbolically return to nature.

As you can see, cremation can fulfill the funeral wishes of several different types of people, including world travelers, spiritual individuals, and those who are environmentally conscious. If any of these descriptors apply to you, you should consider cremation. Talk to a company like Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD about their cremation services.