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raising an honest, gracious and polite child

As a parent, I want to do everything in my power to raise a child that is polite, honest, gracious and appreciative. In order to accomplish this difficult task, I started looking for information to help me get the job done. I found a number of resources that provided me with all kinds of ideas and advice that seemed to be exceptional. My blog is filled with the many tips that I have found and the resources that have helped me through the first four years of raising my son to become the adult that I can be proud of.


Three Services A Funeral Home Can Offer For Planning An Out-Of-State Funeral

Planning a funeral can be complicated under the best of circumstances, but arranging a funeral for a loved one while you are out of state or out of town can be particularly complicated. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do with the help of your funeral home to make the planning process go smoothly. Here are three services your funeral home may offer that can help the planning process easier for you while creating the ideal funeral arrangements for your loved one.

Shopping For Burial Clothing

With you out of state, it may be difficult for you to find and purchase burial clothes that will fit your loved one. Your funeral home can purchase clothing, shoes and even undergarments for burial and ensure that all of the items fit properly. You may choose to bring a few accessories for the burial ensemble, or you can have the funeral home director find these items for you as well.

Luncheon Arrangements

Many funeral homes have working relationships with local restaurants, so they can help you to arrange your funeral luncheon as part of your funeral planning services. You can work with your funeral home director to choose the menu, reserve a private dining room and arrange for parking for your guests after the service is over. Your funeral home director can also arrange for refreshments to be served at the funeral home in a separate room should you choose not to have a luncheon.

Legal Document Preparation

Your funeral home director can help you to obtain a copy of the death certificate, work with your loved one's life insurance company and help to file paperwork for Social Security funeral benefits. The paperwork can be filed for you, or it can be ready when you arrive in town for the funeral services. If your loved one is entitled to a military funeral, the director can also make all the necessary arrangements and file the proper paperwork for the graveside military service, the funeral flag and a military grave marker. 

Funeral home directors are typically willing to go above and beyond for their customers. They understand that grief is a complex issue, and being out of state while planning a funeral can be stressful. Work with your funeral home director to have all of these services taken care of for you, so you can focus on caring for your family and dealing with the loss of your loved one. Contact homes like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc to see what services they can offer you.